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Refugees, immigrants, and intolerance: as American as apple pie

Read our new blog post on Tangled Histories that examines the history of Scotch-Irish immigration to the U.S. and its relevance to immigration fears today.

Tangled Histories

My wife Elizabeth Thomas and I have just launched our new collaborative blog, Tangled Histories, connected to our ongoing book project on William Holland Thomas (her gg grandfather), the Eastern Cherokee, and the long history of white supremacy — as it unfolded in the amazing microcosm of western North Carolina. The inaugural entry is Elizabeth’s beautiful [...]

Listening to images

In my last post I mentioned the image of John C. Calhoun paired with a chained slave, honored in a stained-glass window at Yale College through the late 1980s.  There it stared generations of privileged students – including myself – in the face, and somehow most of us didn’t, or couldn’t, register its horror. I [...]

On the ground, along the Cherokee frontier

I’ve been looking at a lot of nineteenth-century land deeds lately.  They are one major component of a new project I’m working on that deals with the complex entanglements between Cherokees and white settlers on the frontier in western North Carolina.  The project has taken me rather far afield from my home discipline (art history) [...]

Requiem for a monument

This morning I photographed the final stage of demolition of Richard Neutra’s 1961 visitor center at Gettysburg.  The building was commissioned by the National Park Service to be the flagship structure of its Mission 66 campaign, a hugely ambitious program to expand and modernize its park system and visitor facilities for the 50th anniversary of [...]